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Morgan Pipes

A Very Special Billiard

A Very Special Billiard

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This is a unique handmade pipe and the images show the exact pipe you will receive.

Description:This little guy needs more explanation. This pipe was made from a very special block of briar. First off, it is completely flawless to a microscopic level. Secondly, this may be the most unique piece of wood that I have ever worked with. Due to unknown factors, this block was cut from a possibly deformed burl. The shank exhibits quilted grain which is exceptionally rare. The bowl proudly displays microscopic angel hair grain encapsulated within larger swaths of visible wavy rings  and ghostly straight grain. All while glowing in iridescence. Im still considering wether I want to keep this one for my collection so snatch it up while you can. The stem has been hand-cut from german ebonite to highlight the wood. It is also one of the lightest pipes I ever made. If you're looking for something really special for your collection, this is the piece.

Dimensions (approximately):

Length 4.2 inch / 106mm 
Height: 1.5inch / 40mm
Bowl (outside width):  1,25 inch / 33mm
Chamber (inside diameter): 0,75 inch / 19mm
Chamber depth: 1.1 inch / 28mm
Weight: 0.7 oz / 20g

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