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Morgan Pipes

Bones- Random Shape

Bones- Random Shape

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You will receive a randomly chosen bend Bones pipe. It could be very unique or even a one off.

Dimensions (approximately)

Length N/A
Chamber (inside diameter): N/A
Chamber depth: N/A
Weight: N/A

Please read

  • Some pipes may have a food grade bowl coating.
  • Heavily Bent pipes such as the Hourglass Poker and Oom Paul, and pipes with wild angles like the capped calabash may not pass a pipe cleaner. They can be modified easily at home with a small chisel or drill bit.
  • The Lightning Finish has a 4-6 week lead time. Please be patient as I run these in batches for safety.
  • Bones Pipes are known for their character. Most have pits, flaws, and cracks. This won't affect the performance or durability. Its a feature, not a bug :)
  • The "Specimen" finishes are done by Chris Morgan in house. The airways are opened to allow for better draw. The pipes are stained, oiled and finished as well. There may be a short lead time for these (2-3 days at most) 

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