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The Briar Cigar®️

The Briar Cigar®️

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US Patent# 9848638

The Briar Cigar® is handcrafted from the finest briar in the world and sports a patented arsenal of features including the fabled "reverse-calabash chamber". It is at home in your pocket or lovingly cradled between your fingers. It can be loaded and capped for later. Then smoked, recapped, pocketed, and the pipe will extinguish itself. What else could you want in a pipe? This pipe offers value to any pipe smoker.

Are you an avid outdoorsman? Well whats better than a lightweight and compact pipe that won't weigh you down? Bushcrafters and Flyfishermen especially love this pipe!

Are you an energetic city-dweller? You can jump out for a few puffs, recap, and resume your night uninterrupted and unhindered by "the rest of a cigar" or wondering "where do i tap out my pipe?"

Do you frequent the opera? This is the finest 15 minute intermission pipe the world has ever seen. Whatever your interests, The Briar Cigar® will add pleasure to your experience.

Pick one up and let us know what you think!

Dimensions (approximately)

Length 5" / 127mm 
Chamber (inside diameter): 0.5" / 13mm
Chamber depth: 1.7" inch / 43mm
Weight: 0.8 oz / 23g

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